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On Thursday, 29.07.2012, the meeting of the "Golden heart" was held again in our synagogue "Sukat Shalom" in Maršala Birjuzova Street 19, in Belgrade.

In spite of high temperature, 30 members of all generations attended the birthday celebrations of our dear Jadranka Stojković and Katarina Mijalković.

Everyone eagerly waited to hear the lecture of our Rabbi Isak Asiel. The topic was very interesting and inspiring – "Secular community in the Orthodox environment". To their delight, the discussion continued after the lecture and Rabbi Asiel answered many questions. At the end, he was greeted with a big applause.

Jadranka Stojković, the president of the Jewish Community Belgrade Social Commission, also addressed the audience. She emphasized that the most important task for the community is to take care of its members.

A festive lunch followed, and the menu included delicious dishes prepared in the kosher kitchen. Chefs Moca and Nataša served a surprise birthday cake for this occasion.

Jadranka and Katarina cut the big cake together, with the comment "we can do it". They also received nice gifts. The most important thing is that the birthday celebrations continue as a part of the "Golden heart" tradition.

We are here because of you, and we will try to organize even better meetings.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful gathering.

We want the "Golden heart" to “beat” for a long time!

Maja Slater



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