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Cooperation between FJC and the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights

On 13th July 2021, in the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia, a meeting was held between the representatives of the FJC Serbia and the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue. The meeting was attended by Robert Sabadoš, the president of the FJC, Isak Asiel, the Chief Rabbi of Serbia, Mrs. Gordana Čomić, the Minister of Human and Minority Rights, and her team from the same ministry.

Minister Gordana Čomić talked about social dialogue and human rights, emphasizing that: „Nothing on minorities – without the minorities at the negotiating table.“

President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia – Robert Sabadoš, reminded that Jews in Serbia are not a typical national minority, because they are a part of a religious-ethnic community. He stated out the importance of the FJC Serbia bi-monthly newspaper – Jewish review, which exists almost one hundred years. Mr. Sabadoš also pointed out the crucial role of the rabbi – the teacher and the authority in the Jewish community.

Mr. Sabadoš especially emphasized the importance of the Memorial Center Staro Sajmište and Topovske šupe, The Serbian Law on Remedying the Consequences of Seizure of Assets of Holocaust Victims with no Living Legal Heirs, as well as the education of future generations regarding Holocaust. In that context, attendees discussed the escalation of anti-Semitism and the fact that members of Jewish communities in Serbia are generally concerned in reference to this alarming issue. 

Mrs. Gordana Čomić, announced the forthcoming organization of the interreligious social dialogue, which should be attended by the president of Serbia, as well as all representatives of religious communities. Rabbi Isak Asiel gladly accepted to participate in that event, planned for the autumn 2021. The purpose of the interreligious social dialogue is to encourage peace and solidarity, in order to develop good will between people, and build a more promising future.

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