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Robert Sabadoš: Internet is filled with anti-Semitic statements

The growth of anti-Semitism in Serbia escalated especially during the pandemic of Coronavirus. Because of this turbulent period, hate and intolerance towards the Jewish community has spread mostly on social media. The annual report of State department confirms that and highlights many anti-Semitic incidents that occurred in the Republic of Serbia.

Robert Sabadoš, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Serbia, said that he hopes that the existing trend will be reduced with the disappearance of pandemic and the overall normalization of the everyday life.

“The Internet is filled with anti-Semitic statements, which disturbs everyone, not only Jewish citizens. If you point your finger to someone, he instantly becomes an enemy. I ascribe that phenomena to the fact that all of us were in one way or another stricken by the pandemic, and because of the lock down, we turned to social media which provides anonymity. Under particular circumstances, uncontrolled impulses may emerge on the surface. I think that once we return to a more open and normal way of living, this type of tension and anger will be channeled in some other way”, said Sabadoš.

The annual report of the State department also points out that the Government of Serbia continues to return heirless property as well as property confiscated during the Holocaust.

In regard to that, Mr. Sabadoš gave a comment: “We would be happy if the process of the return of property would be resolved more efficiently, but, in the same time, we are also aware that a certain time period is required to process and review relevant documentation. The point is not only to resolve property claims, but also that nobody gets damaged in the process.”

In addition, the annual report states that the Serbian parliament adopted the Law on  Staro Sajmiste Memorial Center, which regulates the future status of former WWII concentration camps in Belgrade, Staro Sajmiste and Topovske supe. 

“It is really important that our initiatives and efforts for the protection of the site Topovske were acknowledged. The complex Topovske supe has been included in the urban planning, and will become a part of the Memorial center Staro Sajmiste. ”Robert Sabadoš pointed out that the project elaboration of the Memorial Center and the eventual beginning of the renovation of the central tower is foreseen for this year. 

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