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Appreciation for contributing the memory of Jasenovac

At the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, the president of Serbia – Aleksandar Vučić, the president of Russia – Vladimir Putin, the Secretary of the United Nations – António Guterres, ex-president of Israel – Reuven Rivlin, and Serbian patriarch – Porfirije, were awarded plaques for their contribution in preserving the culture of remembrance, in regard to Jasenovac victims.

On the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Ustasha genocide against Serbs, Jews and Roma; the uprising against Fascism and Nazism; as well as the Victory Day over Fascism; the Main Board of the Jasenovac Association honored with plaques and letters of appreciation academics, scientists, artists, journalists, publicists from Serbia and abroad, as well as Serbs from the region and diaspora. All of them contributed to the preservation of the culture of remembrance of Jasenovac, one of the most brutal extermination camps in World War II.

Plaques were handed out to all of those who supported the Motion for a Resolution on genocide against Serbs, Jews and Roma, committed by the Independent State of Croatia. The resolution was introduced for adoption at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, on March 16, 2021. Recognitions were also given to the surviving children detainees.

When receiving the plaque, Danijela Danon –Secretary General of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Serbia, pointed out that compassion is a powerful weapon against unreasonable hatred.

"Through education, individual memory of witnesses should grow into the collective memory of humanity. The Holocaust did not begin with gas chambers, it began with words. Indifference in front of the evil is not only the reconciliation with it but also a complicity", Danijela Danon stated.

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